Sweetgum - Liquidambar styraciflua Witchhazel Family (Hamamelidaceae)

Sweetgum is an excellent urban tree provided it has a large area for root development.1

It has an attractive, uniform habit, dense, glossy green summer foliage and unique fall color, with several rich colors developing on a single tree.1

Spiky seed balls develop in autumn and persist through winter, swinging from branches on their long stems.1

Leaf: Starfish-shaped, glossy leaves, bright green with a sweet smell. On a single tree, leaves may be yellow, red and purple in fall.1

Known in Europe for its medicinal and aromatic qualities, sweetgum has long been valued in the New World. It is documented that in 1519. Montezuma shared xochiocotzoquahuitl (sweetgum) balsam with Cortés.1