Warren County Open Records Requests

It is the intent of the Warren County government to conform with the requirements contained in KRS 61.870 to KRS 61.884 to provide full access to public records, to protect public records from damage and disorganization, to prevent excessive disruption of its essential functions, to assist and provide information upon request, and to ensure efficient and timely action in response to application for inspection. To do so, please see the department-specific instructions provided below.

  • All requests for copies or review of public records in the custody of the Agency must be made in writing. A request may be sent electronically to the Record Custodian’s email address identified in the department-specific instructions.
  • The Records Custodian shall provide a response to the records request that is postmarked or electronically transmitted within five business days of the date the request is received. Notice promptly shall be sent to the requesting party if additional time is needed under KRS Chapter 61. When a response is delayed, the notice shall specifically indicate that additional time is required to process the request and explain the circumstances justifying additional processing time.
  • Pursuant to KRS 61.874, the Warren County government charges ten cents per page for open record copies. If the copy is one that requires additional sized copies or requires any special action, the party will be charged the fee associated with duplicating the copy.  No other fee will be charged, only the actual expense.
  • If the requester wishes to personally inspect responsive records, the Records Custodian shall facilitate with the requester the scheduling of a convenient time for inspection between 8 a.m. and 4p.m., Monday through Friday at the respective Warren County government office. The Records Custodian, or an employee of the Warren County department or office, shall be present and personally monitor the inspection.
  • You may use this form for your Open Records Request