The Division for Building Services is responsible for enforcement of the Kentucky Building/Residential Codes and National Electric Code for new construction, alteration, relocation, demolition, and/or change of occupancy for buildings and structures in Warren County (excluding Bowling Green and Oakland).

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Visit the Electrical Inspections page for fee schedule and details.

Building Permit Applications

The building permit application process varies based on project. Read through this list to determine which steps you need to take when applying for a building permit.

Step 1 – Fill Out a Building Permit Application

Select the relevant building permit application from the following list:

Step 2 – Include building plans and professionally drawn plot plan

Your application must include a set of building plans and a professionally drawn plot plan.

Step 3 – Provide Site Plans for Accessory Structures

Site plans may replace plot plans for accessory structures that meet the following conditions:

  • They take up less than 750 square feet of space
  • They are located on more than 5 acres

The following is a list of examples that qualify as accessory structures:

  • Additions
  • Barns
  • Garages
  • Swimming Pools
  • Fences
  • & More…

If Providing Site Plans:

If you are providing a site plan, you must include the applicable cross-section, which you can download from the following list:

Step 4 – Provide Additional Information for Specific Conditions

Effective Aug 17, 2022 – New Requirement for All Inground Swimming Pool Building Permit Applications

Download this memo outlining new requirements to include additional information for building permit applications.

There are specific conditions which require additional information as follows:

Are you creating a new entrance onto a county road?

If so, then complete a right-of-way encroachment permit application.

Are you unable to provide sufficient water pressure of 250gmp at 20psi?

If you are unable to provide sufficient water pressure for a single family residence, then one of three options must be met as defined on the fire protection requirement waiver.

Will you disturb more than one acre?

If so, then a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is required. If an existing SWPPP is not in place or you do not know if one is in place, please  contact the Division for Stormwater Management to confirm.

Step 5 – Confirm You’re A Properly Licensed Contractor

All contractors working in Warren County are required to obtain a contractor’s license along with an occupational business license.

Step 6 – Submit the Application to Our Office

Once all required applications and documentation are submitted to the Division for Building and Electrical services, a review period of five business days will begin.

If during the review process a violation or other item of concern is discovered, the appropriate agency(s) will contact you to help resolve the issue. Such issues may result in an extended review period or denial of a permit.

After the five day review period, the building permit will be issued once the building permit fee has been paid.

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  Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

Key Contacts

Warren County Building Inspector: Craig Hunt

Office: 270.843.5360
Cell: 270.791.3571
E-mail: [email protected]

Bowling Green Building Inspector

Office: 270.393.3615

State Building Inspector: James Jackson

Office: 270.853.5638

Warren County Electric Inspectors:

Eric Woosley

Cell: 270.202.4602
E-mail: [email protected]

Kevin Atchley

Cell: 270.779.1523
E-mail: [email protected]

Report Stormwater Concerns

Stormwater Department: 270.843.5363

Warren County Property Maintenance Inspector: Joe Manning

Office: 270.843.5305

State Manufactured Housing Inspector: Rodney Farrar

Office: 270.404.5327

Plumbing Inspector

Office: 270.781.2490  Ext.121 or 122

Ricky “Rick” Stamper

Cell: 270.820.8059
E-mail: [email protected]

David Mercer

Cell: 270.349.6585
E-mail: [email protected]

Septic Inspector: Cameron Carver

Office: 270.781.2490

HVAC Inspector: Marty Harlan

Cell: 270.349.4644
[email protected]


General Contractors shall call the Building services office to schedule an inspection at 270-843-5360. Allow at least two business days for inspections to be completed.

Approved contractors may use the online portal to request inspections. Please contact the Building services department for further information.

It is the duty of the building permit holder or their duly authorized agent to notify the building inspector’s official of when work is ready for inspection while allowing at least two business days for inspections to be completed.

Certificates of occupancy will not be issued until all required inspections are approved.

Inspection Schedule

  1. Footings: once excavation is complete with any loose soils removed, grade pins set at required depth, reinforcement tied in place and prior to placement of concrete.
  2. Foundation/Underfloor: once foundation work is complete with vents, piers, anchor bolts and floor system installed excluding sub-floor for a crawlspace, prior to placement of concrete for slab on grade. (Required beginning January 1, 2023)
  3. Framing: once all structural members, windows and exterior water-resistive barriers are installed.
  4. Energy Efficiency: once all insulation has been installed that will be concealed by interior coverings and all applicable rough-in inspections are approved. (Required beginning January 1, 2023)
  5. Final: at time of completion but prior to occupancy and all applicable final inspections are approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Per Warren County Fiscal Court Resolution 21-54: Each building permit fee for all classification groups shall be calculated by multiplying that total building area under construction by $0.15 per square foot. Minimum $45 for a permit. *Subject to change.
  • Exceptions to the above fee schedule shall include, but not be limited to: swimming pools, demolition permits, electrical service meter poles, decks, fences, cellular tower and signs which shall be charged a flat fee of $45.
  • If, during inspection, a building is discovered to be used for a purpose other than stated on the building permit, the Certificate of Occupancy shall be held until the fee is adjusted and paid.
  • A Fine of at least $500.00 will be charged to any permit applicant that began construction without first receiving a permit for construction.

Yes, all new construction in Warren County requires a permit.

All new residential and commercial applications require a professionally done plot plan, by a surveyor or licensed engineer. If your proposed new construction is over 750 square feet, on less than 5 acres, a professional plot plan is also required.

Yes, all pools require a permit, both above and in-ground.

All swimming pools require a barrier. See Appendix G for specifications.

Storage sheds starting at 120 square feet (10 x 12) do require a permit.

Permits are required as well as possible stormwater requirements.

As per changes to the Zoning Ordinance, effective March 20, 2015; Mobile Homes, by definition, are no longer allowed to be moved within Warren County, voluntarily**. Manufactured and Modular homes are still permitted.

Manufactured Home

Definition: A single-family residential dwelling fabricated at an off-site facility that meets all of the criteria below:

  • Is a new unit that meets or exceeds the HUD code and has a HUD Label affixed
  • Is affixed to a permanent foundation meeting state and manufacturer’s specifications and is connected to the appropriate facilities;
  • Has a perimeter skirting of masonry or similar material that harmonizes with the architectural style of the home and other residences in the same area;
  • Has a roof constructed of composite material (such as asphalt shingles) with a minimum roof pitch of a three-foot rise to a twelve-foot run; and
  • Has a conventional residential siding.

Mobile Home

Definition: A structure for residential use which:

  • Does not meet the definition of a manufactured home;
  • Is a unit that meets or exceeds the HUD code and has a HUD Label affixed. OR is a used unit with a “B1” seal affixed;
  • Is transportable on its own chassis; and
  • Is designed for year-round living when connected to the appropriate facilities.

Modular Home

Definition: A dwelling unit constructed on-site in accordance with the state or municipal code and composed of components substantially assembled in a manufacturing plant and transported to the building site for final assembly on a permanent foundation.

Important Notes

Refer to the City-County Planning Commission and the Zoning Ordinance for all other questions.

Exemptions for Mobile Homes:

  • If property is currently a 2 plus acre tract Zoned RR – Rural Residential.
  • Previous Mobile Home was lost Involuntarily, by “Act of God” within a maximum six month time frame; ie. lost to fire damage. In such cases, a dated report from a Fire Inspector is required at time of permit application. This inspection and permit application must fall within said six month’s from date of loss.

Visit the Electrical Inspections page for our fee schedule and you may reply for an electrical inspection using our online application portal.

All electric services are contracted to Green River Electrical Inspection Service, 270-999-2844, [email protected]

Contact the City-County Planning Commission 270.842.1953 or visit

Contact the City-County Planning Commission 270.842.1953 or visit

Contact Code Enforcement at 270-843-5305 for County complaints. If you are within Bowling Green city limits, contact 270-393-3000.

All decks require a permit. They must be built according to the 2013 Kentucky Residential Code. Specifically Section R507.

A handrail is required for ALL sets of stairs with four (4) or more risers. The height of the handrail shall not be less than 34 inches and not more than 38 inches. All handrails shall be graspable. They shall ne build according to the 2013 Kentucky Residential Code Specifically Section R311.7.8


  • A guardrail is required along open-sided walking surfaces, including stairs, ramps, and landings, that are located more than 30 inches measured vertically to the floor or grade below any point within 36 inches horizontally to the edge of the open side.
  • Insect screens do not count as guards.
  • They shall not be less than 36 inches in height.
  • Guards shall not have openings which allow the passage of a 4 inch sphere.


A handrail is used for 4 or more rises. A guard is required when a grade change of 30 or more inches occurs.

  • One in each bedroom
  • Outside each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms
  • One on each additional story including basements and habitable attics

A carbon monoxide detector is required in all new residential construction if the home has an attached garage or a fuel fired appliance. They shall be placed outside each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms.

Safety Glazing is required in all hazardous locations as defined by Section R308 of the 2013 Kentucky Building Code

  • Glazing in Doors
    • Exceptions: glazing with a dimension smaller than 3”
    • Decorative glazing
  • Glazing adjacent to doors
  • Glazing in windows if all of the following conditions are met.
    • Exposed area is larger than 9 square feet
    • The bottom edge is less than 18 inches above the floor
    • The top edge of glazing is more than 36 inches off the floors
    • One or more walking surfaces measured horizontally and in a straight line, of the glazing
  • Glazing in guards or railings
  • Glazing in walls, enclosures, or fences containing hot tubs, spas, whirlpools, saunas steam rooms, bathtubs, showers, and swimming pools where the bottom exposed edge of the glazing is less than 60 inches measured vertically above any standing or walking surface.
  • Glazing adjacent to stair and ramps
  • Glazing adjacent to the bottom stair landing

The requirements for sidewalk construction are based on the zoning of the property, as well as any subdivision or private restrictions. For additional information, contact the City-County Planning Commission at 270.842.1953 or visit