Loblolly Pine- Pinus taeda Pine Family (Pinaceae)

Loblolly pine is a needled evergreen tree in the pine family (Pinaceae) and is native to the southeastern United States. It has the most rapid growth rate of all pines and may grow 60 to 90 feet tall with a 20 to 40 foot width.1

This an important timber tree whose wood is used for paper pulp, plywood, and general construction. Its wood value and rapid growth rate make it an important tree for forest management.1

Also make it appropriate in a native, rain, or winter garden. 1

Fire Risk: This plant has a high flammability rating and should not be planted within the defensible space of your home. Select plants with a low flammability rating for the sites nearest your home.1
Needles are in sets of three and are borne in clusters at the tips of twigs, which are bare below.1