Flowering Crabapple - Malus Floribunda Rose Family (Rosaceae)

Most crabapples are considered four-season trees.2

  • Crabapples are best suited to zones 4-8. They enjoy 6 hours of sun a day to look their best,
  • Flowering crabapples are available in pink, white or magenta blooms, and all fruiting trees will have tiny fruits that look like berries but can be up to 2 inches wide. That’s the crabapple itself!
  • Malus varieties can come with green, bronze, or purple foliage, depending on cultivar.
  • You wouldn’t enjoy eating the crab apples straight from the tree as they are very tart; crabapples do make excellent jams or jellies.
  • This tree is an excellent choice for along sidewalks size wise; sadly, the fruits can stain walkways or patios.
  • The dark green leaves are alternate, simple, elliptical, 2-4″ long with serrated margins

PRO TIP: Botanically there is NO difference in a crabapple tree and a normal apple tree. Horticulturists note that any fruit smaller than 2 inches is a crabapple; every fruit larger is a species of apple.