China Girl Holly - Ilex meserveae Holly Family (Aquifoliaceae)
  • This rugged female Holly needs a pollenizer for fruit. However, with or without fruit, it is excellent hedge material and a perfect candidate for formal gardens. Its dense habit takes oval or pyramidal forms. If left unsheared it makes an ideal screen for planting strips between driveways, where it can take reflected heat and reduces glare.
  • This mounding evergreen holly boasts a profusion of bright red berries each fall, backed by lustrous green foliage. Partners well with China Boy as a pollenizer, to assure berry set. The dense branching habit takes well to formal pruning. The ornamental berries are a valuable food source for overwintering birds. Excellent heat tolerance

PRO TIP: To get beautiful berries on the hollies, mix China Boy Hollies into the mix! Each China Boy can pollinate 3-5 China Girls, if they are within 100 ft of the plants. Plant alternating boy/girls for best results.