Bald Cypress - Taxodium distichum Bald Cypress Family (Taxodiaceae)

Bald cypress’ native range includes the southeastern U.S., where it is the dominant tree in swampy environments.1

The natural range of the bald cypress is limited by two factors: the need for constant moisture until a sapling root reaches the water table and the need for seasonal flooding to eliminate invading hardwoods.1

Around water, bald cypress produces characteristic “knees” that grow up from the root system.1

The twigs of the bald cypress are reddish-brown. Bald Cypress also has a special kind of twig called a branchlet. The branchlets are green and hold the actual leaves. The bark of the Bald Cypress is fibrous with gray outer bark and reddish-brown inner. Very old trees with develop scaly bark. 2