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Drivers need to notice and heed warnings provided on signage

Warren County has erected even more signage to warn motorists about the railroad crossing on Dillard Road, but these traffic control devices have an electronic twist, according to Warren County Judge-Executive Mike Buchanon.

“County Road Division employees posted the new signs earlier this week on both sides of the crossing,” Buchanon said. “This makes at least sixteen signs in the immediate area – eight on both sides – that give warning of the railroad crossing. There also are additional markings and improvements on both sides of the road itself, including rumble strips, stop lines and crossing symbols.”

“The additional signage has flashing LED lights and was requested by area residents after a series of accidents coincidental to the crossing earlier this year. The crossing is in a rural area where no utility service is nearby, making posting of electronic signals and stop arms impractical. However, the crossing is not obstructed by any geographic factors that limit its visibility. Motorists who approach the crossing, clearly visible atop a hill, also have clear sight down several hundred feet of the track in both directions.

““It’s our desire that these new signs can help minimize driver inattention as a factor, in traffic accidents, particularly at this crossing,” said Public Works Director Josh Moore. Sixth District Magistrate Darrell Traughber applauded getting the new signage in place. He said, “We believe this should be helpful, especially when visibility is reduced at night and when there might be foggy conditions.”

“Buchanon said the new signs are a plus, but nothing prevents an individual motorist from making an ill-advised or careless decision. “Driver inattention is a leading cause of accidents in Bowling Green and Warren County - We are optimistic that people will see these traffic control and warning devices and act with greater care and concern for their safety and that of others.”

“The Warren County Sheriff’s Department notes that it has issued six vehicle citations at the crossing since Aug. 1. Chief Deputy Tommy Smith said the key violation was “for failure to stop.”