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COVID-19 Information - WCPRD


WCPRD will be updating its COVID-19 Information page based on guidance from the Ky. Governor’s office and in accordance with

New Warren County Government Mask Mandate - August 14, 2021

A new Warren County Government Mask Mandate was issued by the Judge-Executive’s Office on Saturday, August 14, 2021. This policy goes into effect immediately inside all Warren County Government Buildings, including all Parks and Recreation Department Buildings. This information will also be uploaded to our website (under Covid 19 information tab).

See below links for the latest information from the BRDHD and CDC regarding quarantine and isolation requirements. We will continue to update everyone with any further changes. We are confident at this time that all programs can continue with these slight indoor modifications. Outdoor sports are unaffected currently.

Current Warren County Government Mask Mandate for Parks Facilities

1. Outdoor Facilities: No Mask Required

   a. WCPRD will continue to provide hand washing stations, hand sanitizing stations, and ample space for social distancing.

   b. Cleaning of restroom facilities and high use areas will continue under current procedures (three times per day cleaning / disinfecting).

2. Indoor Facilities: Masks required by all patrons, programs, league / tournament participants, spectators, and staff.
Only under the following exemptions will this policy be waived:

   a. Patrons actively engaged in court play (basketball, volleyball, pickleball) will not have to wear a mask if physically engaged in actual sport play. Masks will be required while on the bench area or when not actively participating in game play.

   b. Individuals with medical conditions that could be exacerbated by mask wearing are exempt from this policy.

   c. Officials and coaches will not be required to wear a mask while actively officiating or coaching during game play. Masks will be required while on the bench area or when not actively participating in game play.

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Important COVID-19 Information for Youth Sports Leagues

The team at Warren County Parks & Recreation Department has been working tirelessly to provide families, players and coaches with the resources they need to continue sports leagues in a safe and responsible manner in accordance with the Kentucky Governor’s Order, Center for Disease Control (CDC), Ky. High School Athletic Assn. (KHSAA), W.C. Emergency Mgmt. (WCEM), and the Barren River District Health Dept. (BRDHD).

This page is our primary resource for communicating the relevant information you need to know as a parent, athlete or coach regarding resuming sports leagues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Kummer

"We are working diligently to create a safe and responsible play environment, so that our kids can continue to grow as athletes and teammates. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our office."

Chris Kummer, Director, Warren county Parks & Recreation

Resumption of Play Guidelines

Warren County Parks and Recreation Department is following guidance from the Kentucky Governor’s Office, NIH, CDC, KHSAA., Barren River District Health Department and Warren County Emergency Management. These policies and restrictions are subject to modification at any time as these agencies continue to modify, alter, and update recommendations and guidance as COVID-19 evolves.

WCPRD recommends following the Governor’s Order and all KHSAA regulations and guidance regarding Covid-19 response. Please review or check the following websites for more info and guidance as these will serve as replacements for the WCPRD Resumption of Play plans that were put into effect in 2020. WCPRD and W.C. Fiscal Court may change, alter, and/or modify any and all County policies including those pertaining to the Covid-19 response.

Please see the following links for current information:

WCPRD COVID-19 Safety Measures

  • Added hand sanitizing stations at all parks (over 100)
  • Added portable sinks at various parks (over 20)
  • Changed out and in process of changing out all public restroom sinks to sensor based / no touch faucets
  • Purchased x 3 Path Guard (25,000 square footage coverage) disinfecting units for each gym
  • Purchased various Victory / UVC / Backpack Sprayers (Stihl) / CPG Disinfecting Stations, UVC Wands, and Disinfecting Equipment
  • Have 120-day supply of all cleaning supplies / disinfecting supplies for parks
  • Have ample PPE for all staff
  • Installed UV Cleaning Systems on HVAC Units at BGP Office / Senior Center
  • Have followed and continued to follow all CDC, KY Dept. of Health, Barren River District Health Department, KHSAA Covid 19 Resumption of Play, Mitigation Guidelines, and Isolation / Quarantine Plan
  • Posted various Crowd South / Facebook Live and Informational Posts regarding WCPRD efforts to mitigate Covid 19 issues
  • Have purchased a wide assortment of signage to cover all aspects of WCPRD facilities in regards to stopping the spread, signs and symptoms, keeping our parks safe and clean, and facility requirement / policy regarding Covid 19 WCPRD mitigation efforts

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Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

League-Specific Resumption of Play Information

As of 5/14/21 WCPRD is replacing its 2020 Resumption of Play information with recommendations of the CDC, Ky. Dept. of Health, and KHSAA. For more information, please see these links.

Youth Softball, PeeWee, Little League, and Cal Ripken Baseball

Girls Volleyball


Inline Hockey





Important CDC & Health Department Information

Visit Coronavirus.Gov: