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River Access - Warren County Parks

Parks With River Access

basil griffin park

Basil Griffin Park

The crown jewel of the Warren County Parks, Basil Griffin features a host of features and amenities unrivaled in Warren County.

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Phil Moore Park

Phil Moore Park

Phil Moore Park has a wide range of facilities for sports, creek access, picnics and even a soapbox track.

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Romanza Johnson Park

Romanza Johnson Park

Romanza Johnson Park features creek access, as well as a picnic shelter for the perfect place to grill out.

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River Safety Information

Flag System

Red Flag

High Hazard, Access Closed -- Ground conditions at Phil Moore Park or Romanza Johnson Park are not able to handle vehicle traffic, and access points are closed.

River gauge CFS reading stage levels are 1501 and over.

National Weather Service has issued a special advisory, watch, or warning for area that could affect river conditions.

Yellow Flag

Medium Hazard, Use Caution -- River gauge CFS reading stage Medium Hazard, Use Caution -- levels are between 301 and 1500. Water conditions will be swift, boaters will need to utilize extreme caution when canoeing or kayaking on the water way and should be aware of changing water conditions.

Ground conditions at Phil Moore Park and Romanza Johnson Park are wet and vehicle traffic should use caution while parking and driving to and from access points. Patrons should park only in designated areas.

Green Flag

Low Hazard, Calm Conditions-- River gauge CFS reading stage levels are under 300.

Boaters should use caution while on the river and should remain aware of changing water conditions.

Float Times

  • Romanza Johnson Park to Phil Moore Park : 3-5 hours
  • HWY 622 Bridge to Romanza Johnson Park: 4-5 hours
  • HWY 622 Bridge to Phil Moore Park: 6-7 hours


Phil Moore Park and Romanza Johnson Park both close at dark and any vehicles left unattended are subject to being locked in the park until 8am the next day

To get River Flag Updates on Drakes Creek, visit the USGS National Water Information System website.

For more information and a map of the Warren County Blueways go to

For more information, call the WCPRD office at 270-842-5302.

The River Safety System is created around the USGS Cubic Feet per Second (CFS) format and has been compared to Warren County Emergency Management water rescue CFS rates over the past three years. According to the USGS Water Science Glossary, CFS measures the rate of flow in streams and rivers. CFS is equal to a volume of water one foot high and one foot wide flowing distance of one foot per second.

River Features


  • Located at Romanza Johnson Park
  • Created when water pours over the ford in the river, creating a cavity and attempts to fill the cavity with the water traveling back upstream.
  • VERY DANGEROUS - try to avoid!!
  • If water flows over the ford DON'T try to boat over!
  • Stay at least 10-15 feet away from the downstream side of the ford.
  • spillway


  • Obstacles in the water such as fallen trees (most common on rivers), rocks, midstream brush, collected debris between rocks and islands.
  • Water flows through a strainer while boats and people may not.
  • People or boats can be pinned or trapped!
  • Avoid if possible.

Downstream V

  • Forms between rocks with the tip pointing downstream.
  • Points to the deeper parts of the rapids.
  • This is where you want to be generally.
  • When reading the river, downstream V means safe passage.

This system does not take the place of state river gauge readings, National Weather Service Warnings/Advisories, Special Weather Statements or other public safety agencies. The sole intention of this program is to help give both experienced and novice river recreational enthusiasts a better/visual/on-site cue of information about park ground, river access and river conditions.

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