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Code Enforcement


Welcome to the Warren County Code Enforcement Board.

The Code Enforcement Board was established to protect, promote, and improve the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Warren County who authorized the creation of this administrative board. Code Enforcement has the authority to issue remedial orders and impose fines in order to provide an equitable, expeditious, effective and inexpensive method of insuring compliance with the Ordinances in full force and effect within Warren County, Kentucky. Due to the variety of codes and ordinances in Warren County, the Code Enforcement Board uses different governing bodies to administer different code.

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Do you have a complaint inside the city limits of Bowling Green? Report here: link.

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If you know of a zoning violation occurring outside the Bowling Green city limits, you can report them here: link.

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The Code Enforcement Board oversees all of the code concerns in Warren County, outside the city limits of Bowling Green. The Board itself meets the second Wednesday every month to approve or reject current citations written and served by a Code Enforcement Officer. The Board Members are private citizens appointed by Warren County Fiscal Court.

Individual agencies and divisions conduct investigations prior to issuing a citation, which is presented to the Code Board. The Department of Public Works oversees the Board meetings, as well as, Property Maintenance, Stormwater, Building, and Environmental Divisions. Public Works can be contacted at the Code Enforcement Board number for any concerns in those fields. All other code concerns should be directed to separate agencies, depending on the field. Contractor’s Licensing and City-County Planning Commission conduct their own investigations before bringing the citation before the Board. Cases are not brought to the Board until a citation has been served.

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Board Members

  • Heather Wade, Chair
  • James Spinks, Vice Chair
  • Alan Stonex
  • Jesse Varner
  • David Graham

Other Officers

  • Joseph Manning, Property Maintenance Officer, Warren County Public Works 270-843-5360 Ext 1506
  • Allan Fugate, Property Maintenance Officer, Warren County Public Works - 270-843-5360 Ext 1512
  • James Heady, Zoning Officer, City-County Planning Commission - 270.842.1953
  • Stan Reagan, Environmental Planning Officer - 270.843.5353
  • Josh Hankins, Stormwater Officer - 270.843.5363
  • Craig Hunt, Building Official - 270.843.5360
  • Bob Appling, Contractor’s Licensing Board, Officer - 270.781.3530
  • Holly Warren, Contractor’s Licensing Board, Officer - 270.781.3530