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Property Valuation Administrator (PVA)


Welcome to the Warren County PVA's office.

The Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) Office is required by the constitution to assess/update property values. Section 172 of the Kentucky Constitution requires the PVA to assess all property at 100% Fair Cash Value, unless specifically exempted. Other responsibilities include listing and assessing all tangible personal property.

The Department of Revenue assesses certain classes of property that are not under the PVA jurisdiction, including: public service companies, bank shares, omitted tangible property, minerals & oil valuations. Vehicles are assessed by the Department of Property Taxation using NADA Clean Trade-in Values.

The PVA is responsible for assessing vehicles not meeting criteria for mass appraisal through NADA valuation. The PVA is also responsible for any valuation adjustments.

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Additional Services Provided

The PVA assists eligible tax payers in receiving their Homestead Exemption (over 65 years old or totally disabled)