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COVID-19 Safety Measures Taken by WCPRD

COVID-19 Safety Measures

  • Added hand sanitizing stations at all parks (over 100)
  • Added portable sinks at various parks (over 20)
  • Changed out and in process of changing out all public restroom sinks to sensor based / no touch faucets
  • Purchased x 3 Path Guard (25,000 square footage coverage) disinfecting units for each gym
  • Purchased various Victory / UVC / Backpack Sprayers (Stihl) / CPG Disinfecting Stations, UVC Wands, and Disinfecting Equipment
  • Have 120-day supply of all cleaning supplies / disinfecting supplies for parks
  • Have ample PPE for all staff
  • Installed UV Cleaning Systems on HVAC Units at BGP Office / Senior Center
  • Have followed and continued to follow all CDC, KY Dept. of Health, Barren River District Health Department, KHSAA Covid 19 Resumption of Play, Mitigation Guidelines, and Isolation / Quarantine Plan
  • Posted various Crowd South / Facebook Live and Informational Posts regarding WCPRD efforts to mitigate Covid 19 issues
  • Have purchased a wide assortment of signage to cover all aspects of WCPRD facilities in regards to stopping the spread, signs and symptoms, keeping our parks safe and clean, and facility requirement / policy regarding Covid 19 WCPRD mitigation efforts

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Keeping You Safe During COVID-19